Wildlife biodiversity and indian wild ass

They help us in gaining cherished foreign exchange.

Biodiversity | Biodiversity of India

Sometimes it is asked why we should continue wildlife and preserve woods when we ourselves need more land for agribusiness. It is the Wildlife biodiversity and indian wild ass where you can indulge some of its thrilling activities like Jet-skiing, paragliding, Para-sailing, Surfing, trekking etc.

Wildlife: Biodiversity and Indian Wild Ass

Last seen in For example, the Western Ghats have a greater amphibian species diversity than the Eastern Ghats. Continuing problems include habitat Thank God that we have non turned a deaf ear to these signals. Some of its renowned churches are Se Cathedral, St.

Indian wild ass

Why tropics have greater biological diversity? If there were no birds, life would be without much sweet music, colour, diversion, solace and beauty. Day 13 to The animal, however, is also seen in the districts of SurendranagarBanaskanthaMehsanaand other Kutch districts.

Birds you can watch in this forest are cranes, pelicans, ducks, flamingoes, sand grouse, francolins etc.

Indian wild ass

Mosses, ferns, epiphytes, orchids, lianas and vines, herbs, shrubs make diverse habitat. India, with much of its land area in the tropical latitudes, has more than 1, species of birds. Among mammals rodents are the largest group.

For example certain plant species ebony tree, Indian-laurel exclusively depends upon bats for its pollination. There are more than species in India of which several are confined to India endemic.

Indian Wild Animals

West part of India is full with several natural and fascinating places. The Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation GEER report has recommended that the Thar desert in Rajasthan should be developed as an alternative site for re-establishing the Indian wild ass by reintroduction a few of them there.

This diversity aims to ensure that some species survive drastic changes and thus carry on desirable genes.

Under this Act, trade in rare and endangered species has been banned. The number of species of flowering plants in the country is about 15, The Wildlife Protection Act. Unbelievable beauty of nature, biodiversity and wildlife beauty always attracts travelers towards it. Life Native to Australia are species of mammals half of them pouched marsupials ; species of birds At this place Rebaris camel and sheep breeders live in the Prosopis juliflora jungles in the company of chinkarasstriped hyenasred foxesdesert cats and Indian wolvesetc.

The mare gives birth to one foal. Overnight hotel Day George Schaller wrote about tiger conservation: It seems it is no more confined to the 4, Inthe wild ass population was estimated at 2, by the year it has increased to an estimated 3, They all are our great friends.

A recent census conducted by forest department in has revealed that the population of wild ass in the state was estimated to about 4, an increase of 4. If the bat population is reduced then regeneration of particular plants becomes more difficult.

The animal possesses an erect, dark mane which runs from the back of the head and along the neck. Speciation is generally a function of time, unlike temperate regions subjected to frequent glaciations in the past, tropical latitudes have remained relatively undisturbed for millions of years and thus, had a long evolutionary time for species diversification.

West India is loaded with unique culture and rich heritage. Francis of Assisi, Basilica of bom Jesus, etc. Infact, the country is home to some of the most rare as well as magnificent wild animals.

Thank God that we have non turned a deaf ear to these signals. Gir National Park As the national park is covering a massive landscape so excursion around the park in a day is not possible. The bank of the river is most of the time crowded with a variety of birds; take a look and listen to their melodious songs.

We will write a custom essay sample on Wildlife:Chapter 2 WILDLIFE & BIODIVERSITY Biodiversity at a Glance India is recognized as one of the 12 mega diversity centres of the world. Out of the 18 Biodiversity hot-spots in the world, India owns 2, namely the Western Ghats and the Eastern Himalayas.

Sep 04,  · Asiatic (Indian) Wild Ass Wild Ass Sanctuary, Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, December Indian wild ass herd in Little Rann of Kutch. Though a bleak landscape it is rich in biodiversity and is an ecologically important area for wildlife and many local and migratory waterbirds like cranes, ducks, pelicans, wildlife and to the endangered Indian wild ass.

Wildlife: Biodiversity and Indian Wild Ass Essay

In a pan-India online survey, people reported domestic dogs attacking 80 species of Indian wildlife, of which 31 are listed under a threatened category on the IUCN Red List.

Hand out: Biodiversity Biological Diversity or Biodiversity - is the variety (diversity) of all life forms on earth, encompassing all plants, animals, microorganisms and the intricate ecosystems they form.

- the totality of ecosystems, species, and genes within the area. Levels of Biodiversity 1. Species Diversity (Different Life Forms) 2. The Indian wild ass (Equus hemionus khur) also called the Ghudkhur, Khur or Indian onager in the local Gujarati language, is a subspecies of the onager native to Southern Asia.

As ofit is listed as Endangered by IUCN.

Wildlife biodiversity and indian wild ass
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