The root of hindu beliefs and christian tradtion

The creation of Pakistan on the basis of religion is often cited as an example. According to Thomas, he did this for two reasons: He would have definitely made his presence felt in the region through his teachings.

7 Reasons Why Traditions Are So Important

Understanding attitudes, therefore, is important, because through them we can understand and predict the way people will respond towards things, other people, or situations. He considered Christ to be a great Yogi, an ascetic, who had attained his divine status by the way of sadhana--a spiritual discipline.

He thought that the Christian way of gaining salvation was too easy and that it encouraged people to remain in their sins. It is often said that the poor and the needy were main targets of Christian missionaries, and that these people responded to the welfare programs provided to them.

They were the first ones to understand and analyze the situation in India and bring about reforms.

Hindu Misconceptions About Christianity

Vivekanandas toward Christ was one of great respect. One of the beliefs of the Pentecostal Church is in Divine Healing. The Hindu looks at a traditional Christianity as nothing but another organized religion, which is often referred to as churchianity.

Instead of seeing a redemptive meaning in the crucifixion of Christ, Gandhi saw a principle of non-violence in it. Christianity Denationalizes People A related objection to the above is that Christianity westernizes the Indians--hence it is denationalizing and deculturizing the Hindus.

Marriage in Hinduism is a sacred relationship between only a man and a woman, whose primary purpose is procreation and achievement of the four aims of human life, dharma personal, family, social and religious lawsartha wealthkama sensual enjoyment and moksha spiritual liberation.

7 Reasons Why Traditions Are So Important

Read on to learn more. Tradition provides a forum to showcase role models and celebrate the things that really matter in life. Jesus emptied himself so completely that he became the transparent medium in which God indwells and through which men can see God and know him Thomas They walk near a temple and say, You idolaters, you will go to hell.

Christianity's Pagan Roots: Traditions, Practices, and Holidays

While being appreciative of Christianity, he continued to contrast it with Hinduism. By giving allegiance to a foreign religion like Christianity, a person is perceived to have become a threat to national integrity.

Most converts were gained from the lower and outcastes, and they had very little cultural heritage which they could carry into their new life. Surely, thought I, a religion that compelled one to eat beef, drink liquor, and change ones own clothes did not deserve the name.

The formation of Arya Samaj was part of that attack. Granted that he did not care to focus on the miracles of Jesus and his saving work on the cross of CalvaryRoy found a great solace and comfort in the teachings of Jesus, although he found it difficult to accept Jesus death on behalf of sinful mankind.BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

Exactly my thoughts and in reply to Franks short rebuttal – tradition isn’t the enemy of progress –– intolerance is. People holding onto some form of tradition are the root of ALL intolerance Frank. If the Indus valley civilization (3rd–2nd millennium bce) was the earliest source of these traditions, as some scholars hold, then Hinduism is the oldest living religion on Earth.

Hindu Beliefs

Its many sacred texts in Sanskrit and vernacular languages served as a vehicle for spreading the religion to other parts of the world, though ritual and the visual and performing arts also played a significant role in its transmission.

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Hinduism and Christianity, Jesus in India

and parents. sports. Watch video · Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion, according to many scholars, with roots and customs dating back more than 4, years.

Today, with about million followers, Hinduism is .

The root of hindu beliefs and christian tradtion
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