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How to Do a Discourse Analysis

Molly Superfine Modern and contemporary art; art of the African diaspora; performance art; queer theory; critical race theory Molly Superfine entered the PhD program in Fall The pentagon prism attachment for the C.

In Marseille, medical practices adapted to tropical diseases developed under the influence of the military department of medicine. His current research focuses on Appalachian urban networks as well as the impact of anti-psychiatry movements upon institutional architecture in post-war North America.

Visualizing the Pensieve and the Prophesies. Phi Delta Kappan Critical Essays on the Books and Films. Social Movements and Media. During the First World War, he worked at the neurological center in the 7th Military region of Besancon under the supervision of Gustave Roussy.

Her research focuses on the artistic interactions between Japan and China during the Meiji period. Next year the Scientific Instrument Society is planning a study tour incorporating the collection and being the SIS representative for the Netherlands Peter and I met to make initial arrangements.

Social and Behavioural Sciences

Make sure to stress the relevance, and to move through your analysis based on the issues that you want to present. Of specific interest is the notion of "queer time" and those political and aesthetic gestures of refusal that expose multiple temporalities and offer the possibility of futurity as a methodological and practical way forward.

Her research centers on questions of power, institutions, and critique as they have been engaged by artists since the s. This project combines several of his topical interests, particularly the iconography and archaeology of ritual and violence in the artistic imagination.

At Oberlin, he completed an honors thesis on post-industrial urbanism in the city of Pittsburgh and worked for numerous arts organizations, including the Allen Memorial Art Museum and the Modern Music Guild at the Oberlin Conservatory.

During the Master Thesis project, the student should have a minimum of 1 contact hour per week on average with the first supervisor. Nomaduma received her BA from Barnard College She is now a Ph.

A common mistake is to claim that a discourse analysis shows what people think or believe or worse: With over 50 researchers, engineers, technical and administrative personnel, plus some 20 graduate students and post-docs, the OAMP is one of the most important research institutes in the region.

She is also interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to art history that draw from fields such as environmental studies and neuroscience. The first of them is the Wild N2 at the left on the picture. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, the college frequently served as a preparatory, but unaffiliated, school for the university.

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The Cowley level with leather case, levelling staff and tripod.Increasingly, international students find their way to Archaeology in Leiden, up to 50% of all students in the master's phase. Our main topics are human origins, the archaeology and deep history of migration, colonisation, colonial encounters, globalisation, and cultural identity.

The Master thesis tutorial has 3 modes of instruction: 1) Collective thesis tutorial This tutorial deals with essential academic skills, including subjects such as plagiarism, referencing, academic writing, formulating a good research question, constructing good arguments, and structuring the thesis.

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The demands of officials specialized in various fields by the government in the late 19th century Siam was a result of King Chulalongkorn's bureaucratic reforms, which aimed to transform the feudal Thai society into a modernized state. Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice from Universiteit Leiden.

Terrorism has arguably been one of the defining factors of our age. It frequently makes headlines, threatening or attacking governments, private business and.

MASTER MOBILITEITSWETENSCHAPPEN. In de master ligt de focus op het verdiepen van je academische onderzoeksvaardigheden en op het specialiseren in een specifieke kan kiezen voor de afstudeerrichting Mobiliteitsmanagement of Verkeersveiligheid en voor een Nederlandstalig of Engelstalig traject.

Master thesis leiden universiteit
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