Argumentative essay boarding school is better than day school

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Fewer Distractions. Debate on boarding schools are better than day schools for all round education of a child. 1 0. Answer. Rahmanna 24/01/ Boarding or day school which one is better?.

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I am honoured to speak for the motion boarding schools are better than day schools. Boarding schools Will help you to be more discipline that means it will help you be less rude and be polite which will make you a better person in future. A day school tends to have more children per class than a boarding school and therefore individual attention to a student becomes difficult.

The class teacher’s involvement with each student is. Pragmatism. Pragmatism in the humanities and social sciences emphasizes making learning relevant to students’ present-day experience.

Assignments tend to centre around projects and tasks rather than argumentative essays; these projects will often have a “real-world” application or relevance. Hence, I’m certainly do not agree with the statement that say boarding school is better than day schools.

In day school, parents could spend enough time with their children. For example, the parents can be able to monitor the progress of their children in term of both academics and extracurricular activities.

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Argumentative essay boarding school is better than day school
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